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Sports Nutritionist London Services

Steve Hines Sports nutritionist London services include:

1:1 sports nutrition consultation

Sports nutritionist London includes BioSignature analysis, questionnaire analysis and nutrition plan design. This can be done in person at my clinic or over Skype. I will establish your goals and design a nutrition plan to get you there. Steve can also help you lose weight and get in shape to maximise your efforts in the gym. See here for more details.

Consultation to teams and businesses 

Steve is available for hire by teams and businesses to work on nutrition strategies and philosophies, and implement these through a team or organisation. Steve has consulted for Fulham FC, Essex CCC, Hard Rock Cafe, Fred Ferge’s Fitness Gym and others.

Nutrition presentations

Steve can give nutrition presentations to teams, schools and clubs about what is good sports nutrition.

1:1 sport science consultation

Sports nutritionist London

Do you need to get fit? Steve has extensive knowledge of sports science and strength training and can tie in his sports nutrition knowledge to take your performance to the next level. Services include strength training programme design, recovery analysis and consultation and fitness training consultation.

Steve Hines Sports nutritionist London.

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