Do you NEED sports nutrition?

What is sports nutrition? You can learn:

An analysis of your diet and establish your individual macronutrient intake and why this is important for your performance, recovery and wellbeing.

How much protein do you actually need for good health, muscle gain and recovery (this answer will shock you)

What fat is; why fat isn’t always bad for you and what fats you must eat in order to be healthy and recover from exercise.

The RAW truth about saturated fat and whether you need to reduce this in your diet (this will challenge your beliefs)!!

The myths surrounding carbohydrate intake, the type of carbs to eat and how much you need to eat (It’s not as much as you think you need)!!

The difference between the glycaemic index, glycaemic load and insulin load of foods and how to use each of these systems to establish what to eat maintain your energy levels during performance.

Learn the common mistake people make when selecting their performance and recovery foods and the mistakes made with calories and serving sizes.

Which vegetables you need to eat and how you can use certain vegetables for fuelling your performance and others for recovery and repair.

The importance of hydration for performance and how sodium and potassium are major players in this equation.

Learn about iron, anaemia and fatigue. Establish the best sources of iron to eat to prevent your fatigue and over training.

What to eat four, two and one hour prior to your training or event and how getting this wrong can be a catastrophy to your performance.

Do you need to feed during your event or just hydrate? If so what feeding strategies can you implement to maximise your performance?

What when to eat or drink in the hours after your training or event to maximise recovery and repair and prepare for the next session.

The truth about sports supplements and protein shakes – what you need and what you need to avoid.

The truth about “over training” and how understanding this can help you in your performance.

When to use energy gels and sports drinks so you do not reduce performance.

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